The DfE’s toolkit to support school resource management

On August 31, 2018, the Department for Education published a new toolkit to help schools save money and ensure that every pound possible is spent in the classroom. Supporting excellent school resource management has been met with some raised eyebrows, however, when a resource is provided, it’s best to see what can be mined from it

Some of the key features are;

  • a new deal for teacher recruitment agencies that sets out agency mark-ups, so schools will know up-front what they are paying for (soon to be made live);
  • a toolkit to help reduce unnecessary workload, providing free online training materials, audit tools, practical examples and model policies – developed and tested by school leaders and teachers;
  • recommended deals that could save schools money on things they buy regularly – including new deals on books, ICT solutions and software licenses;
  • increasing the number of school resource management advisers to provide support to more trusts and schools.

School business professional contact list

The DfE is looking to improve how it communicates directly with school business professionals and has set up a service whereby SBPs can sign up to receive occasional updates from them on topics and products related to school resource management.

Sign up to the school business professional contact list

Motor Insurance for Academy Schools (MIAS) – responses by October 5, 2018

In collaboration with a commercial motor vehicle insurance broker, the DfE is looking to develop a MIAS solution.

They have asked for the support of school business professionals and have a few questions they would like for you to answer; as always, we encourage participation – it’s essential that those who it will apply to have input into its development.

You’ll need the following information to hand:

  • For SATs, your Unique Reference Number (URN) as per get information about schools
  • For MATs, your full name as per get information about schools and companies house number
  • Fleet Vehicle Information
  • Current commercial policy documentation
  • Recent claims data (last three years)
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All information will be held securely and used only for this purpose. If you have any comments or queries, please email: [email protected]

See what else is included in the new guidance – and if you have feedback tell them!

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