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Is that your final offer?

2nd June 2020

We’re all familiar with negotiation – and many of us are likely to have put it into practice in other areas of our lives, such as when purchasing a house. What about negotiation in school [read more]


The benefits of flexible working

1st June 2020

Flexible working is the benefit at the top of almost every employee’s wish list. From potential candidates to long-term employees, juniors to executives, flexible working is the job benefit of choice CREDIT: This is an [read more]

Live it

Ways to improve your posture

28th May 2020

Hear the word ‘posture’ and you’ll instinctively pull your shoulders back and stand a few centimetres taller. It’s a reflex reaction, like when someone talks about head lice and you immediately want to scratch. But [read more]


Seven steps to successful succession planning

28th May 2020

Can your team answer the question, ‘What is your organisation’s succession plan?’ They can, if you’ve shared it – and you can share it, but only if you’ve built one for your department or organisation [read more]


Schooling under lockdown around the world

27th May 2020

Adapting, picking battles and bribery aid home schooling from Bulgaria to Bondi Beach during the coronavirus pandemic CREDIT: This is an edited version of an article that originally appeared on The Guardian The words of [read more]


ISBL: Unleashing our potential

26th May 2020

As school business professionals, you will have already released some of the potential within your organisations as 26you and your teams adjust with agility and speed to the COVID-19 world pandemic The profile and acknowledgement [read more]


Tips for improving your presentations

26th May 2020

Dan Magill, of Toastmasters International, gives his top tips on how to improve your presentations  A presentation will go down well with audience members if: They weren’t led down any blind alleys. They didn’t find [read more]


How to kick-start a stalling career

22nd May 2020

Do you feel like your career has slowed to a stop? It’s not uncommon for professionals in their mid 30s to 50s to feel this way. There are few things more frustrating than failing to [read more]