Tweet, tweet! Why the little blue bird is an SBL’s best friend

It is estimated that 500 million tweets are sent a day – that’s 5,787 tweets every second. These statistics demonstrate just how popular the social media platform is, but why is it so important to SBLs in particular?

Twitter is the second-most popular social network in the UK, reaching 60% of the UK’s internet audience. The most popular is Facebook, at 90% but, for SBLs, Twitter is the go-to social platform.

One of the main benefits of Twitter is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are one of the key tools used to create, grow and join communities on the platform. The hashtags #SBLconnect, #SBLtwitter and #SBMtwitter have been used amongst the thriving SBL community on Twitter to discuss topics and share knowledge. As the role of an SBL can be a lonely and isolating one, this community on Twitter can break through this isolation and help SBLs feel less alone in their role.

Education Executive took to Twitter to ask our followers why Twitter was important to them; many cited the SBL community on Twitter.

@SBMCheshire said: “I only recently found the SBM/SBL network and it has made my job less lonely for sure! Great to have others to network with, and look to for help, advice or just to bounce ideas off. A great network of support.”

“#SBLTwitter I love that other SBLs are always there. Sharing, laughing and understanding together! Of course, we don’t always agree but it’s a positive and supportive space. I’ve made some fab friends and I can’t imagine life without it!” @workingsbm added.

@SpecialSBM commented: “I have received huge help and support from my peers on here. It has been a bonus meeting some of them at various events too. There is always somebody happy to offer advice and support.”

A great source of information and advice

Twitter is also a great source of information and advice; in fact, Twitter is fast-becoming the most used platform to receive news and information. A study by Pew Research found that 71% of Twitter users consume their news through Twitter.

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Furthermore, experts have often said Twitter is unrivalled in terms of breaking news and up-to-the-second happenings. When asked why Twitter was important, many SBLs said it was because of the ability to share and receive knowledge and advice.

@BigwoodAllySBM told us: “Information, ideas, news, support, jobs, advice…. so many things gained from Twitter and having and SMB/L account.”

“Gaining knowledge and sharing best practice,” @ShardBusiness commented.

@PeterhouseSbm added: “It’s great for sharing information – we all have different areas of expertise so can support each other with the various, random issues that come up in our schools! I also find it useful for keeping up with new developments and regulations.”

For most people, it was the combination of the community feel and having a platform full of news and knowledge.

@LainersSbm said: “It’s great to be a part of something that feels like it’s gaining so much momentum right now and, for me, it’s a great way to keep up with all things current in the SBL world.”

“Empathy, information, advice – others who ‘get you’ and your daily work life. It’s a great sounding board and the expertise on here is phenomenal!!” @sparklyquark added.

Twitter has provided SBLs with a place to communicate with other SBLs around the country, allowing a fantastic community to grow – a community that is full of support and knowledge-sharing.

Why Twitter is so important to SBLs is probably best summarised by @accidentalSBM, who said, “Support, knowledge, wisdom, cheerleading, expertise and friendship. What more could you ask for?”

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