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When a Telford school needed help streamlining its data collection processes, it turned to a document management expert for guidance

Southall Special School, based in Telford, is a leader in the use of best digital practices to offer a more complete learning and working experience and, with a responsibility to keep student data safe, part of the school’s remit is holding hundreds of records up-to-date, accurate and secure. In fact, this school has a greater need for this kind of support than most – pupils with special education needs (SEN) have records which need to be safely and securely stored for 25 years. Historically, this has proven a problem for the school in several different ways: lack of storage space, access and retrieval issues as well as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Fujitsu scanners – in conjunction with software from partner Filestar – have solved all of these problems thanks to MCL; a Kyocera Group Company.

The problem

One serious issue was that the filing cabinets at Southall School were filling up with pupil records, taking up valuable space. This also made document retrieval difficult and time-consuming, whilst being at risk from theft, fire and flooding.

Jonathan Barrett, IT manager and part of the school’s senior management team, knew there had to be a better solution, and thought that digital scanning may hold the answer. Jonathan contacted Ryan Perkins at MCL to get his expert help and advice; Filestar was recommended, as it offerz a cloud-based document management software solution which has comprehensive auditing facilities and flexible retention policies. For Jonathan, this sounded like a great fit for the school’s paper document problems, and for the capture and scanning of the pupil records the Fujitsu fi-7300NX scanner was suggested as the ideal companion to the school’s software..

The solution

The stand-alone scanner solution taken on by Southall School can cope with a wide variety of documents which can be seamlessly processed to a range of destinations and systems via the in-built touchscreen and intuitive software.

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With the scanning part of the problem solved, various parties worked together to customise the Filestar software to precisely meet the needs of the school. Filestar works like a virtual filing cabinet and, with just one button-press of the Fujitsu scanner, the pupil records are scanned, the typed text is converted into digital, searchable text and the document is automatically filed in the correct folder in the cloud.

The benefits

Having the documents kept securely in the cloud offers many advantages; firstly, the school no longer needs to hold a paper copy, saving filing space and eliminating the risk of damage and theft. Secondly, the documents can only be accessed by the correct personnel with the right permissions and, every time the documents are accessed, there is a full audit trail of who has read what and what they’ve done with the document. Finally, searching and retrieval of documents can be done instantly, enabling compliance with GDPR and saving time and administration resources.

Jonathan and the school have been thrilled with the solution; they said that the Fujitsu fi-7300NX is ‘absolutely amazing.’ The scanner is very portable, and has moved around the school as the pupil records have been scanned and indexed. This has given the school staff some much needed extra room in the offices and ensured a safe and secure procedure for storing the records for many years to come.

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