WALES: £14m announced for school repairs

CREDIT: This story was first seen in ITV News
Education secretary Kirsty Williams has announced £14m for small-scale school repairs and maintenance under new plans, ITV News reports.

The funding will be spent on areas such as boilers and plumbing works to school toilets, caretaker costs, painting and decorating, plastering and repairing or replacing flooring.
The funds are part of plans to work to improve school buildings through the Welsh government’s 21st Century Schools and Education Programme.
Announcing the £14m school repairs funding, education secretary Kirsty Williams said, “I hear it often enough, from teachers and headteachers across the country, that time and funding is too often taken up by school maintenance issues, as opposed to supporting learners.
“That’s why today I am making available an additional £14m, which is to be allocated directly to schools.
“This will address small-scale maintenance costs, alleviating pressures on school budgets. Every single school across Wales will benefit from this money and it will go directly to the frontline.
“I hope local authorities are now able to transfer this money across to schools as quickly as possible so that essential work can begin.”
Local authorities will receive the funding who will then distribute the money to all schools in Wales.
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