What should individuals, communities, schools and universities in the UK do to stop climate change?

Climate change has become a more pressing issue than ever, with figures like Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunburg warning that we need to act now to stop it from damaging the earth even further

In recent months climate change protests have erupted all over the world demanding that governing bodies – and the general public – do more to stop the devastating impacts of climate change. Thunburg, especially, has been instrumental in encouraging school children to act, which has led to many of them going on strike from school.

Schools are often seen as being pivotal in changing attitudes and raising awareness of climate issues due to their influence on young minds, but what should they be doing to stop climate change? This video on what individuals, communities, schools and universities in the UK should be doing to stop climate change is from an event hosted at the London School of Economics – which includes leading experts in fields such as environment, politics and science – speaking on the topic. It’s a must-see.

To watch the video click here.


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