Where do SBMs go for a little bit of calm?

In the wake of Headspace now offering free subscriptions for school staff in multiple countries, how else do SBMs relax during the working day?

Mental wellbeing is never going to stop being a vitally important issue – in fact, it’s becoming more so as time goes by, thanks to more and more focus being placed on it and how our everyday lives affect our individual sense of balance. If you have any interest in meditation, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Headspace – an app which provides guided meditation through the use of soft, soothing voices which force you to focus on yourself for a few minutes at a time. Some use this sort of thing to cool off and some use it to fully relax before sleep – what’s clear is that it’s exploded as a way for people to become more mindful of their own needs.

Earlier this year, Headspace announced that it would offer all school staff – not just teachers – in the UK, US, Canada and Australia a year’s free subscription to support their mental health. This kind of recognition is enormously welcome – especially as it extends the offer beyond teaching staff – but how else do SBMs find pockets of calm throughout the working day? What can all of us do to alleviate the pressures of our roles? We took to Twitter to find out how the community copes.

Some users find it difficult to find any time at all to relax…

@db5alive The only place where there is peace is in the toilet and even then I have had staff grab me for ‘a quick question’ whilst I’m trying to open the door!

@sbm_jo Nowhere to relax at work, but I do have a picture of Kit Harrington pinned just above my monitor – I talk to him and sometimes, those eyes make it all better!

@schoolbusmgr Nowhere to hide in my school… so I tend to head to the kettle – hence the far too many cups of tea/coffee each day. Luckily always met by fab staff/colleagues who give me a sense of calm when we talk about anything but work whilst the tea’s brewing for 2 mins.

@trainingSBM I struggle to find any time in the day for calm. If I’m lucky, I get to bolt down my lunch whilst juggling five other jobs and fit in the odd wee break!

But others are able to find little pockets of calm…

@NickiiMesser I used to love doing ‘on call’ in my last secondary school. Hoiking out the naughty students when they were disrupting their class and walking them round the school to cool off. I loved the conversation and it gave me back perspective.

@sarahbonson Bose speaker and music in my office has been my saviour this term.

@rachaeljstewart A visit to our preschool. The happiness and innocence makes your heart melt.

@sparklyquark Laminating is one of my favourite relaxing things, lol, but don’t get to do it often – having a laugh with my different staff teams usually brightens up the day though!

@workingsbm It’s got to be a visit to the IT techs’ office. They are so chilled and straight-talking. A few minutes in there, steam has been let off, the world is put to rights and I know I can tackle anything.

@loopysbm A trip to the sensory garden

@tracywinfield33 A bit of therapeutic shredding

@Book_Junction Feed the fish in the pond. Great space.

@LellyBurton I go to our Wendy house in reception class and have a cup of imaginary tea and a mud pie and then all is right in the world.

How do you take a minute to relax at work? Tell us @edexec

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