Does your catering support those who need it most?

Nicky Gillhespy, chief operations officer at LEO Academy Trust

Nicky Gillhespy, chief operations officer at LEO Academy Trust, discusses why, after a year that has brought school meals to the forefront, now is the perfect time to reconsider how you do catering in your school.


COVID-19, and the resulting lockdowns, have brought children’s deprivation, food poverty and the increasing need to improve healthy eating to the attention of us all. So, how can you be sure that the catering you provide is doing the job it should be? Nicky has first-hand experience in transforming the way her trust delivered catering when she helped to set up an in-house catering service. She believes it is school leader’s moral duty to do their best to improve things where we can, and this includes the provision of catering.


Nicky will provide practical tools and strategies to help you assess whether you are doing enough, and if not, how you can go about changing this.


In this seminar Nicky Gillhespy will explore:


  • How to manage catering contracts
  • How she helped set up an in-house catering service
  • Advice on how to change the way you do your catering
  • Her experience with the provision of school meals

Take home points:

  • Learn what different catering arrangements can look like.
  • How to assess whether your catering provision is sufficient enough.
  • Take away practical strategies to change how you do catering in your school.

This session is for:

SBMs and other school leaders


This session runs at our Edexec LIVE South event

About the speaker:

Nicky has been a SBL for over 30 years specialising in primary schools and more recently a MAT with six primaries and nearly 3,500 pupils. Nicky has previously represented SBLs on the NAHT National Executive and remains a local representative she is also an active national SBM mentor.

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What they say​

Fab as always - very informative - great to meet new people in the same boat. Gave me the information and renewed incentive to make a difference in my organisation by using/improving my skills.
Edwina Hurst
Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First School