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SBL’s here, there and everywhere

17th January 2020

No two days as an SBL are the same, but how much do they differ around the country? We spoke to three SBLs from different locations about their roles Tell us a bit about your [read more]


10 ways leaders can minimise conflict

17th January 2020

Interaction is part of life. Diversity of personality is great for progressive development, but is also a point of regression. Effective decisions are the optimal result of people with different approaches. At the same time, [read more]


Is the future bright for music education?

17th January 2020

Different stories tell different tales of the state of music education in England – we explore the facts Back in October 2019 we published an opinion piece on the state of music tuition in schools [read more]

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Six ways to overcome your phobias

17th January 2020

Whether it’s spiders, heights, bees or knees, we all have something that sparks dread in the pit of our stomachs. The good news is you don’t need to let fear continue to hold you back… [read more]