The changemaker's guide to process efficiencies

Stephen Blackbeard, Regional Sales Consultant at We Are Every

Change is scary. It’s only human nature to be wary of the unknown, and we find it far easier to stay put. But staying put doesn’t get you anywhere. Why is change still this colossal, scary concept? After all, it doesn’t happen overnight. To move forward and progress, we need to be constantly evolving. We need change. The key to getting ahead? Getting started.


Introducing the changemaker, an individual that quite literally treats every day like a school day. Ever wonder what their secrets are? How they implement a constant desire for improvement in their work? What really makes their processes tick? Developing ourselves into Changemakers helps to streamline operations, improve relationships, and work towards a better education system for all.


In this seminar Stephen Blackbeard will explore:

  • What a changemaker is.
  • The importance of establishing the core challenges schools face.
  • How to be a driver of change.
  • How Every provides solutions for changemakers.

Take home points:

  • An understanding of what a changemaker is.
  • What the best changemakers have in their toolkit.
  • How to become a changemaker.

This session is for:

SBMs and other school support staff  


This session runs at our Edexec LIVE North and South events

About the speaker:

Stephen Blackbeard is a regional consultant for We Are Every, working alongside all types of education-based establishments. Stephen has worked in the education sector for the 13 years in a range of sub sectors. In the past four years he has focused on health & safety and HR. He works closely with people on the ground as well as senior staff members to ensure continuity and reportable compliance. He has a BA honours in marketing communication and a GNVQ in information technology.

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What they say​

Fab as always - very informative - great to meet new people in the same boat. Gave me the information and renewed incentive to make a difference in my organisation by using/improving my skills.
Edwina Hurst
Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First School