Boosting back-office technology

20th January 2020

How up-to-date is your back-office IT? How could it be improved? We spoke to SBMs about recent improvements to their back-office tech, and the advantages they’ve seen It’s notoriously difficult in any busy organisation to [read more]

How to successfully bid for funding

20th January 2020

Making funding bids can be time-consuming, confusing and tiring – but we’re here to help with some simple advice that aims to make the process a lot easier Planning and submitting funding bids can be [read more]

10 ways leaders can minimise conflict

17th January 2020

Interaction is part of life. Diversity of personality is great for progressive development, but is also a point of regression. Effective decisions are the optimal result of people with different approaches. At the same time, [read more]

How to recognise a good team member

16th January 2020

As a hiring manager, you know and understand the importance of appointing someone who is qualified for the position you are offering. However, as a team leader, you also grasp the importance of hiring someone [read more]

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