Exam paper leak leads to 'allegations of malpractice'

A data breach led to the leaking of exam questions last week, causing students on social media to become rightfully upset

It is thought that hundreds of people have now seen an Edexcel C4 maths paper which was leaked last week. Edexcel has since stated that it is, with the help of Pearson, examining the facts of the issue and has asked anybody with information on the leak to come forward.
Pearson said on Twitter that it had “been aware of allegations of a limited breach of security.”
The organisation continued:
“As is usual practice in these circumstances, we have opened an investigation into whether there has been any exam malpractice. We are also contacting the police on this issue.
“We would like to reassure all students that the planned exams next week will continue as scheduled and that we have established processes in place to ensure no students will be advantaged or disadvantaged in any way.”
Ofqual has also acknowledged the issue and is part of the investigation.
“We are aware of the allegations of malpractice or wrongdoing in relation to Edexcel’s C4 maths paper. We recognise the concerns of students, who should continue to prepare for their forthcoming exams as normal.
“If anyone has information relevant to these allegations we would urge them to contact Pearson or us in confidence.”
Contact Pearson: [email protected]
Contact Ofqual: [email protected]
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