The benefits of MAT membership

6th December 2019

MAT membership isn’t right for every school – but what are the benefits? New research analysing the Ofsted-rated performance of almost 1,700 schools and academies has found that more than half of institutions moving into [read more]

Who should look after ‘orphan’ schools?

3rd July 2019

The New Schools Network has suggested that ‘orphan’ schools should be taken over by local communities – but the NEU has responded with scepticism A new report from the New Schools Network (NSN) has suggested [read more]

End academisation of schools, NEU says

17th April 2019

The National Education Union has agreed at this week’s annual conference that academisation isn’t working This week’s NEU annual conference has seen members discuss a range of matters affecting the education sector – academisation being [read more]

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