From the magazine: What makes a leader?

25th February 2019

The school business profession is full of inspirational individuals. One such is Emma Gray, finance director at the Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust. She is a key figure in her school and in the SBL-sphere – [read more]

What does the typical SBL look like?

31st January 2019

The last 20 years has brought great changes to the profession. So, in 2018, what did the typical school business professional look like, asks Hilary Goldsmith Credit: this is an edited version of a story [read more]

What really influences happiness at work?

31st January 2019

Recent research, using data covering the UK’s top 10 most populated cities, has shed some light on the happiness levels of Britain’s workers and reveals a surprise outcome for the happiest sector – business management [read more]

From the magazine: The art of funding bid success

22nd January 2019

How can you maximise your funding bid success? Independent procurement consultant Naomi Clews, of Naomi Clews Consultancy Ltd, provides insights into how to manage multiple funding bid streams, estimate project costs and communicate effectively to [read more]

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