• Navigating the auditing highway: A guide to efficiency

    Navigating the auditing highway: A guide to efficiency

    The thought of a financial audit can be intimidating, but it can reveal important information about the financial position of an organisation. Su Johal, director and co-founder of SAAF Education, discusses how schools can better prepare for audits and manage their accounting and reporting more efficiently [read more]
  • Efficiency: Sustaining and saving the environment

    Efficiency: Sustaining and saving the environment

    As schools continue to monitor sustainability issues – and look for advice on how to improve their own energy portfolios – the example of those who have taken a lead in the field can be of great value. Sustainability charity Ashden’s LESS CO2 programme is a free energy efficiency scheme available to any UK school and Devon schools are one of their ‘graduating clusters’. Alex Green, Ashden’s schools programme manager, shares some of their top tips for managing sustainability projects [read more]


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Simple tips for being AMAZINGLY organised

CREDIT: This article first appeared on Forbes and was written by Kevin Kruse What are some simple ways to get and stay organised? You’ve done checklists, to-do lists, countless scheduling apps, and the latest in [read more]