Bring a friend to EdExec LIVE North!

Our live event comes to Manchester at the Radisson Blu hotel on 27 February – did you know you can bring a friend or colleague along to enjoy the day?

EdExec LIVE isn’t just for SBMs – it’s also suitable for finance directors and bursars, headteachers and beyond. It’s for all senior leadership within schools so, if you’re coming along on the day and worried about not knowing anybody there, why not bring a colleague, or a friend who works in the education sector? Simply ask that person to e-mail us at [email protected] to flag their interest in coming along!

Here’s what to expect on the day:

Training your governors

Emma Gray, finance director, Marling School

There can be an information gulf between the SBM and the governors, so is the onus on the SBM to ensure this is not the case?

Confidence and clarity

Laura Williams, consultant, LJ Consultancy

Do you know when to say yes – or no – in your role? It’s time to stop going unheard and unrecognised. This seminar centres on confidence; knowing who you are, what you do and what you bring to the table.

Benchmarking: not a solution, but a tool

Paul Leigh, CFO, Focus-Trust

In the drive to continuously get more from the limited resources schools have, benchmarking can play a key part. It is not a solution in its own right, but rather a tool that can lead to insight, changed practices and improved efficiency.

Strategic IT planning for whole-school improvement

Royden Gothelf, director, RightICT

Procuring the right digital technology for your school becomes a great deal easier once you link that IT to your school’s ongoing improvement plan. Ask yourself, ‘What will work in, and for, my school?

Leverage and price negotiation

Naomi Clews, consultant, Millennial Procurement

Given all the political unrest, the expectation is that prices will keep on rising; this seminar will explain different costing models, what impacts on the price of goods and services, how to limit price increases and negotiation tips and tactics.

Ending contracts – the do’s and don’t’s

Cate Hart, SBM consultant

Ending a contract tends to mean having to have a difficult conversation with somebody – but there are ways to make it easier.

Seizing opportunities

Richard Harrison, director of community engagement, Regent High School

Taking advantage of the opportunities around you can make all the difference in how you feel about your professional position in life.

Developing emotionally intelligent leadership

Eithne Graham, trainee and development officer, University of Dundee

Developing and improving your EQ may help you to effectively overcome challenges – and developing your own EQ can greatly influence how successfully you lead others.

Community engagement is king

Phil Burton, SBM, Hallbrook Primary School

How involved in the community is your school? This seminar will dive into the reasons why engaging with the broader community is so important – both for strengthening relationships and for securing additional revenue streams for your school.

Coaching skills for line managers

Andrew Blench, consultant, School Business Partner

Having line managers who can use coaching skills in their daily roles is a key component of having a coaching culture and successful schools need these too.

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