ISBL launches Professional Development Fund in association with Zenergi

The Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL), the leading professional body for School Business Professionals (SBP), has established a new funding initiative with the objective of supporting SBP professional development

The Professional Development Fund has been created via the ISBL Energy Framework. Energy expert Zenergi administers the Framework in partnership with ISBL and has agreed to make a contribution to this development fund for each contract signed through the framework.

Graham Cooke, CEO of Zenergi, said: “We’re delighted to contribute to ISBL’s new fund to support professional development in school business management. School business leaders are critical to the effective operation of schools, and as they are faced with more challenges than ever before, we believe now is the time to support our school business leaders. We’re really pleased to invest in the development of this important profession that is so close to our hearts.”

This new fund has been established in support of ISBL’s firm belief that all School Business Professionals should have access to high-quality, relevant qualifications and training opportunities.

Stephen Morales, chief executive of ISBL, said: “As the school business profession continues to evolve, we are seeing a range of roles emerging. Some are generalist in nature, some more specialist, and there are a range of new executive opportunities, particularly in MAT structures.

“The approach to supporting career pathways and subsequent development needs will therefore be varied. The newly established Professional Development Fund has been created to support a mix of CPD opportunities tailored to the needs of a diverse professional workforce. In a turbulent and ever-changing environment, this investment in supporting SBPs with their ongoing development is designed to improve access to important training, skills and knowledge acquisition. We hope this will better equip practitioners so that they can confidently confront the challenges ahead and seize professional opportunities as they arise.”

Use of the fund will be subject to meeting all relevant eligibility criteria. For more information on how to access the funding to support SBP qualifications and development, please visit or email [email protected].

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