Union leaders demand meeting with May to discuss funding

CREDIT: This story was first seen in Tes

Three teaching unions have written to Theresa May calling for an urgent meeting to discuss the future of school funding, Tes reports.

In a joint letter, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, the NAHT heads’ union and the National Union of Teachers say that they speak with a single voice on the issue of funding.

Their letter states: “Your own party has pledged more money, although careful analysis of this offer means we remain concerned that it won’t meet the needs of the rising pupil population.”

Our unity has turned up the volume on the issue

“In this election campaign, we have seen that, when the teaching unions speak collectively on an issue that also has the support of parents, governors and local communities, our views are impossible to ignore. Our unity has turned up the volume on the issue.”

The Conservatives have pledged to put another £4bn into school budgets by 2022.

However, speaking on Radio 4 shortly before the election, home secretary Amber Rudd said that this would not lead to an increase in per-pupil funding. But she added: “We will continue to make sure that the standards increase so that the children get the better outcomes.”

Russell Hobby, general secretary of the NAHT, believes that campaigns on funding, supported by parents groups, have ensured that school funding remained on the election agenda.

Should we face another election in the near future, we may see far better policies on funding

Writing in Tes, he said: “This doesn’t necessarily mean that we will be offered a solution. But should we face another election in the near future, we may see far better policies on funding.”

In their letter, the three union leaders call for Ms May to arrange a meeting to discuss the future of education funding.

“Our resolve to campaign collectively on funding is undiminished,” they write. “We hope that your desire to equip the next generation with the skills to help the UK flourish after Brexit is equally strong.”

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