Master of the Keys: Protecting your energy at work

You don’t (always) choose who you work with; your colleagues in many cases are the people that you spend the majority of your time with so getting on with them is paramount to ensuring a happy working environment. But there’s always one…one that brings the mood down. So, how can you prevent getting dragged down? AJ Pengelly, author of ‘Master of the Keys’, shares some simple pointers

We all struggle with our own issues, worries and problems in life, however, much of the time we are also picking up the effects of other people’s negative attitudes and behaviour. If you work – or live – with people who are pessimistic, depressed or antagonistic you need to protect your energy field as their energy can not only affect your mood but can drain you so that you are left feeling exhausted after spending time with them.
Here are some ways that you can minimise the effects people can have on you:

Seal your energy

Get into a ‘bubble’ to avoid other people’s negativity. Use your imagination to visualise a large egg and step into this so that it surrounds you and keeps your energy strong and protected. Negative vibes from other people will bounce off the walls.

Duck and avoid

When people attack you verbally or try to manipulate you let their words go over your head. Don’t get into arguments as this becomes an energy zapping battle and emotional exchanges will leave you down and tired. Avoid gossip groups as these are creating negative vibes.

Releasing burdens

Check that you’re not taking on the troubles, burdens and responsibilities of other people that you do not have the power or position to change or manage. When you worry about someone else’s troubles you don’t help them but you can become burdened and depressed. Does your work suit you and your character?
The constant struggle to do a job that doesn’t fit your temperament or skills will be a constant drain on your energy and will drag you down.

Radiate positive vibes

If you are radiating positive vibes with your attitude to life – looking for the positive and seeing beyond the negative – then you will be less affected by other people’s energies. You will also become a magnet for upbeat, positive and uplifting people and situations.

About AJ Pengelly
AJ Pengelly, aka Anne Jones, is a renowned spiritual healer, teacher, author and inspirational speaker. Her books in the fields of self-development and spirituality have been translated in over 17 languages. Her latest book, Master of the Keys, is an entirely new genre designed to bring symbolic thought and self-empowerment into the periphery of the mainstream. See: and
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