Good Ofsted ratings could negatively impact GCSE results

As reported by The Guardian, a good Ofsted rating could mean parents help their children with their homework less, potentially leading to worse GCSE results

According to a recent study, a good Ofsted report can actually bode ill for GCSE results.

The study, which was put together by the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex (ISER), the Institute of Fiscal Studies, the University of Sussex, University College London and the University of Bristol found that parents with children in a school with a high Ofsted report were about 20% less likely to help them with homework.

This could, in theory, have a damaging impact on GCSE results.

“Our new research shows parent reactions to an Ofsted inspection are significant and meaningful,” said Professor Imran Rasul, from UCL and the Institute of Fiscal Studies.

“They withdraw support for their children when they are happy the school is doing well. This might explain why research has found it hard to pinpoint the benefits of attending high-performing schools.

“More thought should be given to how information on school quality is given to parents, and how to prevent this from having an adverse impact on their children.”

Children whose families received good news about school ratings early in the academic year performed significantly worse in their GCSEs than those where the news was more recently revealed, the research shows.

“Policymakers have thought a lot about how providing information on school quality alongside giving parents the freedom to choose schools induces competition between schools in order to drive up standards,” said Dr Birgitta Rabe from ISER.

“Much less thought has been given to how families react to information about school quality when their children are already in schools.”

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