Online-only admissions for NI schools kick in

Pre and primary schools in Northern Ireland can now only be applied to online

As reported by the BBC, schools in Northern Ireland are set to launch an online-only admissions process.

This process applies to anybody sending a child to pre-school or primary school in 2019 – applying online is now the only option.

Applications must be made through the Education Authority (EA) website – the deadline is the last day of this month.

Registration to the EA site is also necessary.

The online-only registration replaces a paper-based system, but the individual schools themselves are still responsible for the selection of pupils – the EA wishes to ensure parents know that this will not be automated.

Sata Long, EA director of operations, advised that parents and guardians should name at least four school choices when applying.

She said: “While most children obtain a place at one of their preferred settings, this cannot be guaranteed.

As such, schools should be placed in order of preference.

“Parents can list as many pre-schools or schools as they wish, but, by listing at least four, the likelihood of not being offered a place at the close of the procedure is decreased,” Long added.

Pupils should discover which school they have obtained a place at on 10 May, although some have been forced to wait longer in previous years – particularly in oversubscribed areas.

Applications for post-primary schools are likely to move to this online-only system as of next year.

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