Petition on special needs funding to be submitted to the DfE

Parents, councillors and education unions will submit petition to DfE on special needs funding for children Tuesday, October 23

According to the DfE figures, more than 2,000 children with special needs and disabilities (SEND) in England are waiting for educational provision.
Access to SEND provision is becoming increasingly difficult across the country as real terms cuts to school and local authority budgets hit those pupils hardest, unions have warned. Children need SEND provision are waiting months to have their needs assessed and often find that the provision is not fit to meet their individual needs as identified.
In light of this, a petition has been circulated.
The petition is calling on the government to:

  • Properly fund SEND in all schools/colleges, ensuring no child has to wait for a place in school.
  • Give funding back to local authorities so they can commission SEND support and services in line with what children in their community need.

You can view the School Cuts SEND petition here.
The School Cuts coalition petition has already been signed by 36,000 people and will be delivered to the DfE Tuesday, October 23.
Attendees include parents, councillors, teachers, as well as the ASCL, NAHT, NEU and UNISON unions.
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