To the unsung heroes – school business leaders

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School business leaders (SBL) are the unsung heroes of school finances. During a time of increasing financial pressure on schools, it’s your job to balance the books. Your job has never been more difficult, or more vital

NAHT works hard to represent SBLs at the highest level, right alongside heads and deputies. It’s crucial that SBLs are viewed as the leaders they are and that their experiences, concerns and needs are listened to.
The SBL council
NAHT’s SBL council is made up of SBLs from across all sectors and types of schools. Under their guidance we have campaigned for pay parity and recognition for SBLs – comparable to other senior leaders in schools – and progression has been made over the years to make it more equitable.
We have also fought fiercely, for several years now, to make the school funding crisis a mainstream issue. During the last general election school funding was the third most important issue for voters – 750,000 of them switched support because of school funding cuts. We will remain bold on this issue, one that is fundamental to the role of SBLs, and keep pressure on the government to find more money for schools.
Pushing forward collaboratively
NAHT work hand-in-hand with ISBL – the Institute of School Business Leadership – and have worked together to develop a new set of qualifications, one that schools can use apprenticeship levy funding for.

NAHT and ISBL have a joint membership offer and are planning special training and events for joint members.
Joining both organisations gets you a 25% discount on both memberships.
To take advantage of combined discounted membership you must apply before November 30, 2018, at and enter the code: NAHTISBL25.
Our joint offer will properly recognise the status of SBLs and will provide them with the protection, advice and support that they need – especially in the current climate.
Personal and professional development
NAHT’s unrivalled professional and personal development paths, expertise and legal protection support SBLs and their career journeys in the following ways:

  • expert resources, information and guidance on up-to-date key issues;
  • dedicated legal protection and advice from specialist advisers with one-to-one telephone guidance;
  • access to a like-minded community of more than 40,000 members;
  • bespoke conferences with the opportunity to share experiences, listen to key educational leadership speakers and join debates with peers and seniors;
  • a focused and respected voice through lobbying and consultation with key decision makers.

NAHT gives you the benefits of a leading trade union, supporting you through the best and most challenging times of your career – from the start of your leadership journey to your retirement years.
We are proud to work with our current members who enable our strength and depth of voice and we invite and encourage new members to help us make our combined voice and community stronger.

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