Welsh school accused of spreading 'climate of fear'

Staff at a school in Wales are threatening to strike, after 65% of NASUWT members there voted to do so due to “adverse management practices”

Staff working at a school in Ceredigion have accused it of harbouring and spreading a “climate of fear” – now, the school faces strike action, according to the BBC.

NASUWT members at the school have stated, after a vote, that they will walk out of Cardigan Secondary due to “adverse management practices”. The local council is looking into their claims.

Despite Estyn’s praise of the head teacher, other staff claim intimidation practices and feeling as if “you had a gun to your chest”.

An anonymous staff member said: “There was a win at all costs culture which isn’t sustainable. Teachers are voting with their feet. I think that’s really bad for students in terms of stability.”

Former art teacher, Guy Manning, added: “Cardigan felt like you had a gun to your chest. I think the expectation was that you put everything in your job and your family has to suffer as a result.

“We’ve seen colleagues fall and fall and fall. I see colleagues falling now, and they’re just about dragging themselves into school to work. It’s so hard sometimes to actually drive to work when you know that you or your colleagues are up for some kind of intimidation in that day.”

A ballot, last month, found that 65% of NASUWT members at the school were in favour of striking.

NASUWT added that the local council has attempted to “intimidate staff”, and that the investigation is “exacerbating an already extremely difficult situation”.

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